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Your website needs good SEO texts.

Good SEO texts are an important part of being found at the top of Google and other search engines. This is the only way to get many new visitors to your site.

Write good SEO texts with the Contentdevil.

With our tool you can easily write SEO texts yourself. You place the texts on your website. The new content will bring more visitors to your website.

What are SEO optimised texts.

SEO texts are written content in which certain words occur more frequently than others and Google recognises from this what the page is about.

How to write good SEO texts.

Good SEO texts focus on a topic or product by using keywords or keyword combinations for which the text should be found on Google.

Which words must appear in the text.

For an SEO text to have an effect on Google, very specific words, their synonyms and signal words must appear in a calculated number in the text.

How long should an SEO text be.

An SEO text must be able to stand up to its competitors. For this purpose, a text should have as many words as the average texts of the competitors contain.

All these tasks are taken over by Contentdevil.

The CONTENTDEVIL supports you in creating a good SEO text for Google and other search engines so that more visitors find your website.

You can write your SEO texts in over 20 languages and countries with the CONTENTDEVIL

The SEO Text Tool.

Our tool guides you step by step to the result

What our clients say.

As a marketing agency, we work with Contentdevil. Many of our clients’ SEO texts end up in the top 3 on Google for the desired keyword.

Jeremias MandelMarketspring GmbH

We update all our content only with Contentdevil. Even with difficult financial keywords, we have made great progress quickly on Google.

Peter HauckTWI Management Projekte GmbH

We have been using this software very successfully for some time and have created professional texts for our career portal. As an intermediary between companies and applicants, this opens up new opportunities to draw the attention of applicants and companies to us. It is amazing how quickly texts are indexed by Google and how they work without link building.

Sonja KarmannAcademic Work GmbH

We have been using this system in the SEO agency “Suchprinzip” from the very beginning, and our clients can no longer imagine doing without it. It is very easy to perform search queries for our clients. This way, we can provide our clients with the best text suggestions. The text planning helps us to generate texts that rank well in serps.

Martin ReschSuchprinzip GbR

We have been using this software successfully in our international dating portal for over a year. With this tool, SEO skills and copywriters can work completely separately. Our editors write texts exactly according to our specifications, so that we only have to insert them into our CMS.

Kevin PineauInsparx GmbH

This software helps us gain a great competitive advantage in Denmark. By integrating Danish and special functions, we have created country-specific texts for our website that quickly appear at the top of Google. Creating new content quickly is now part of our daily life.

Felix SchröterSchroeter Communications